Monday, March 9, 2015

PMW in the WP!
Proper Mountain Women in the WorkPlace

I'll tell you one thing that sort of bothers me about lifestyle blogs and outdoorsy instagram feeds is that you hardly ever get a glimpse of what the people behind these posts do for a living. Unless you are among the lucky few that are sponsored to travel, or paid to play outside and test out gear... then you've probably got a job or a career that you report to every day. There are a few lifestyle blogs that make some money... they post pinterest-worthy shots of their blissful homes and blog about all the hip new restaurants they eat at and vacations they go on... what we forget is that these blogs are usually supplemented by another spouses income.

We all gotta work. We all need places to live, phones to talk on, the internet to hook up to, and food to buy. Making an honest living to create a secure life and being able to provide yourself with the things you need or want is one of our greatest pursuits in life. Whether you got a small part-time job, advancing in your own career, or supporting someone else in theirs... how you work and what you do becomes your legacy.

Working is a big part of our lives, so for the next little while on Girls Pearls and Powder we are spending time talking about it. We have posts on how a Proper Mountain Woman approaches her work day and solves problems at work, and we have posts on what a Proper Mountain Woman does to spruce up her working hours to make them more enjoyable and more valuable. Does that sound boring to you? I sure hope not. I love working... ever since I turned 16 and joined the workforce, I have loved working and have loved every job I've ever had. Through the years of flipping burgers, and multiple years of working at a desk in an office, I have gained some valuable work wisdom that I really think is worth sharing. Whether you are working for a paycheck, or working to take care of a family, a Proper Mountain Woman works hard every day... these posts will inspire you to enjoy working and inspire you to be better at it!

Proper Mountain Women in the WorkPlace Posts:
temporary office updates (by amanda jane)
decorating your office (by amanda jane)

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