Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Proper 'Office' Plant Profile: The Lemon Balm


I have never had good luck at indoor plants. A vase of fresh cut flowers sitting on my kitchen counter will bring me joy every time I walk into the room, but a house plant just stresses me out. I think a plant needs a useful purpose, like growing me pretty flowers or something to eat... as for the clean air they produce, I'm the type that would rather just let that waft in from an open window.

In the workplace, where there aren't windows that open combined with boring cubicle walls, it's a different story. A proper mountain woman needs an indoor plant to add a bit of nature and greenery to her eight hour work day.

Let me introduce you to an indoor/outdoor plant that's perfect for the proper mountain woman's desk.... Melissa Officinalis! or, it's more common name, the Lemon Balm.

This plant is hardy (it can grow without a window near by just fine), it's a happy bushy plant (it's pleasant to look at), AND it can be harvested for it's herbal benefits (proper mountain women love to utilize what's around them).

In the office, the Lemon Balm will give off a pretty lemon smell which is said to clear your mind for productivity, and improve your mood. You can also use the leaves for tea, potpourri, essential oils, flavoring, and insect repellent.

What more could a proper mountain woman want from the plant growing beside her work computer? When it's a stressful day at the office, simply use your pocket knife to harvest some fresh leaves and use the famous old lemon balm recipe: put some fresh leaves in your mug, then pour in some hot water from the break room coffee maker.

Lemon Balm tea will help you relax, improve your brain function, and soothe your aching muscles.

Tending instructions for the Lemon Balm plant:
keep it moist and water frequently
trim the leaves back for rejuvenation (if the plant wilts or turns brown)

When your coworkers get jealous of your hearty plant, tell them not to worry, Lemon Balm plants can easily be shared... when the small white flowers bloom you can harvest their seeds to plant in a new pot, or when the plant gets to big and bushy you can split this perennial herb it into two pots.

Speaking of pots... here are some cute ones to use at your desk:


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