Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WorkPlace Style Boards - Part 1

I asked Andie what she thought a Proper Mountain Woman might wear to work at the office... I wanted something that shows a woman is serious about working hard, but also lets her outdoorsy personality shine through.

It didn't take Andie very long at all to respond to my fashion question with these inspiring tips and style boards:

(click the pictures to make them bigger)
"I love the look of the pencil skirt with a causal shirt, it gives the perfect mix of casual and dressy. Mountain girls enjoy being comfortable and having something easy to put on and wear, so this is something perfect for them. Mixing patterns adds a pop of fun and color to the work place. I love this easy simple look."

"Something else that is super easy, perfect, and a must have for professional mountain women is the blazer. A blazer that fits just right is so important in dressing for an office. The blazer can be dressed up - with a crisp, white button up or flowy blouse. Or it can be dressed down -  with basic tees, sweaters, a flowy spring dress. When you put on a blazer, you mean business!"

"One professional look, that immediately makes you look polished without trying too hard is layering with a collar. It's an awesome way to add some color, or fun print, to a simple sweater." - Andie

Thanks, Andie, I love your style!

PS. WorkPlace Style Boards Part 2, and another fashion post by Andie, Dressy Mountain Women.

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