About Girls Pearls & Powder

For years I have dreamed of owning my own girl snowboard shop and boutique. Somewhere up in a resort mountain town with lots of tall pines and quak'n aspen. A place where I could sell pretty snowboard equipment, chit chat with other ladies who share a love for mountains, and set out cool antiques or home-made crafts and goods for people to buy. We would talk about proper living, gardening tips, or hikes we have been on, and when the shop was empty I could just sit and cross-stitch near a big window with a view of the forest.

The snowboard shop/boutique would be called Girls Pearls and Powder, and for now (since that isn't a reality) this blog will have to do.

It's a place for proper mountain women. Girls who day dream being up in the mountains- whether to snowboard, to hike, or to hide up in a sunny cabin somewhere working on quilting projects. It's for girls who love the outdoors, love creating, and who aren't fond of hanging out in board shops that play constant skater music.

I love being a woman. I love the outdoors. Which, to me, go hand in hand. Woman are drawn to making things beautiful and creating, and the outdoors is beauty and creation.

If you believe snowboarding is the most beautiful mountain sport out there... but don't consider yourself a skater chick, and if you'd rather focus on the love of tall trees covered in snow, the feeling of gracefully speeding down a wintery slope, and the happy conversation with friends on a chairlift, instead of focusing on "shredding the gnar" and pulling a "360 mcduffy hand grab"... well, then, welcome go Girls Pearls & Powder.

Really, if you consider yourself a proper mountain woman... then please, drop by here often, you'll be in good company.


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