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Mini Love Stories - Valentine's Day 2016

In 2009, Amanda thought up the Mini Love Stories project and started collecting them from everyone she knew to post on her blog. Delicately crafted sentences all meant to sum up your love life in six words or less. She gathered as much as she could, and on Valentine's Day she posted them. Well, I completely fell in love with the project and mini stories, I have always been a fan of mini things, plus I loved how simple and clever people were with their entries... I read them over and over again.

Amanda wrote at the time "I think a really good six word sentence says a lot more than a really bad 600 page novel ever could", and then proclaimed she could read a whole book of mini love stories! I think we both could. So, six years later, we decided to do it again. We posted on social media and texted everyone we knew to send us their Mini Love Stories... and, like magic, the entries started rolling in!

I know everyone is excited to see the without further adieu, here are your Mini Love Stories 2016... Happy Valentine's Day and THANK YOU for participating!

Whitney and Amanda 

+ + + + + + Mini Love Stories 2016 + + + + + +

Part 1

I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox. - Woody Allen

"The only one I want... Her." S.O., 25

"On and off, then on forever." H.C., 27

"We met, I forget the rest." G.S., 30

"I chased him for years." E.B., 31

"We played Nintendo laying upside down." B.S., 32

"Talked his ear off, it worked!!!!" A.H., 32

"We met. We split. We're back." E.N., 27

"We discovered we both love yoohoo." (this is not a sexual innuendo) M.J.D., 30

"Packed, shipped, and fell in love." K.M.C., 32

"We both got naked a lot." D.M., 25

"Unexpectedly, he was Mr. Right." K.F.C., 34

"All I could think was; love." A.K.O., 23

"Mosh pit junkie, ghetto chick... bliss." S.D., 32

"Magical." M.B.A., 38

"Extremely demanding in a good way." A.P., 33

"Engaged after 17 days. Best. Decision." N.LH., 34

"Whoopsy! Got pregnant, now we're married!!" A.S., 30

Part 2

You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear. -Oscar Wilde

"We have been married fifty years." D.P., 70

"Twenty month pen-pal. Five week engagement." C.H., 59

"High school sweethearts. Valentine's Day wedding." J.C., 80

"He put a ring on it." D.S., 60

"He's boring, but he's mine." B.J.C., 63

"Handsome and spiritual, my eternal helpmate." L.H., 68

"He has never stopped loving me." R.O., 57

"Sweet, Friend, Cute, Smooth, Pretty, Intelligent." R.H., 70

Part 3

Broken hearts want broken necks,
I've done some things that I want to forget but I can't. - Modest Mouse, Broke

" 'I actually like guys', he said." E.W., 23

"He just hasn't found me yet!" M.H., 33

"He only lives now in memory." M.J.O, 31

"Deserted island of sadness." M.A.K., 23

"Avoidance equals loneliness, praying for hope." M.W., 40

"Sheer, unadulterated terror." J.B., 31

"I'm single > I am single." I.K., 24

"Three women, four marriages, all bitches." R.R., 63

"The seventh year is the worst." A.Y., 34

"Downloading tinder again..." J.P., 28

Part 4

Now all these tastes improve, through the view that comes with you. -Jets to Brazil, Sweet Avenue

"I waited thirty years for you." N.Y., 33

"Our love makes people nauseous/jealous." J.M., 33

"We were blazing hearts on fire." M.D., 32

"And suddenly, he was everything." K.F.C., 34

" she's all I think about." K.Z.

"Bruce Willis movie, us holding hands." L.V.A., 34

"Meets predetermined criteria, also sexy. Done." L.E.W., 31

"She drives. I ride." D.E.D., 29

"She's my hottie. I'm her slave." J.W., 37

"I sang. She smiled. Had sex." M.H., 33

"& then there was snow." T.M.

"OurLove WillNot BeLimited To Only SixWords." D.D., 29

"It started with a breakfast burrito." A.K.O., 23

"Tropical punch, punch tropical. Kiss me." MJC, 30

Part 5

There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I haven't found my wife yet." A.R.R., 5

"Nothing to do with Valentine's Day." R.R., 11

"I like 'em- short, soccer, smart." R.R., 11

"Sat behind me on the bus." S.R., 10

"I like class clowns." V.B., 10

"My best friend, when not biting." J.C.W., 6

"Golden." N.P, 2

Part 6

There is no remedy for love but to love more. -Henry David Thoreau

"Fun, laughing, eternity, children, surprises, changing." N.D., 41

"We both married up." J.L.J., 32

"I love him, despite the dog." W.D., 32

"Not perfect, but perfect for eachother." L.W., 34

"Harder than expected. Worth it." L.M.G., 25

"Kind words. Physicality. Respect. Laughter. Joy." S.E.H., 33

"He married me for my Nintendo." A.C., 38

"A Canadian dream in suburban America." K.M.C., 32

"Love evolves, because it has to." A.R.R., 31

"Married for love, stayed for kids." C.F., 45

"He was waiting in the shadows." H.J.B.H., 41

"Fun, adventurous, loving, funny, friendly, spiritual." C.R., 25

"Love found unexpectedly, blooms beautiful adventures." L.N.W., 29

"Pandas lost to beautiful Southern Bell." S.W., 32

Part 7

As long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do. -Built to Spill, The Weather

"Best buds, fell hard, together forever!!" K.B., 36

"High school sweethearts.", M.C.

"It was worth the wait." K.F.C., 34

"I married my very best friend." A.H., 33

"Forever best friend sleep overs!" R.J.H., 36

"Laughing since the day we met." K.L., 32

"Awesome, beautiful, love of my life." M.D., 36

"I adore everything about him." J.O., 32

"He makes us breakfast every morning." L.L., 33

"Always on the same page." S.C., 24

"He deserves more than six words." L.B., 33

"Two halves of the same whole!" K.L., 32

"I'm the luckiest man alive." R.N., 31

"We choose each other, every day." R.C., 30

"She made me who I am." D.E.D., 29

"We are teammates in the game of Life." A.S., 28

"Friend, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, mother, friendship." R.J.H., 39

"Are the kids in bed yet?" E.J., 30

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  1. Fabulous job on this post! So romantic, heart wrenching, and full of joy.


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