Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snowboard Lapel Pins

I love pins and patches. I think all proper mountain women do. I have an entire box filled with pins I've collected from out of town thrift stores and estate sells. When enamel pins started popping up on the blogs I follow I was smitten! Check out the collections herehere, and here, oh and here... and you will see that you can find an enamel pin for everything and anything right now!

I soon discovered that there wasn't an enamel snowboard pin out there... and a proper mountain woman who enjoys riding needs one! So I designed a simple snowboard pin... it comes in two color options, red with gold and white with black. I decided to put the words "Let's Ride!" on the pin... the pin is small, only 1 1/4" long... so, when you wear it on your lapel the snowboard shape is recognizable, but when someone leans in to read the words, it will be like you are whispering a secret to them, "let's ride!".

I think they are adorable, and you can buy them now at the Girls Pearls & Powder Etsy Shop!

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