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A Proper Mountain Woman: Anne Proctor

Better Know a Proper Mountain Woman: Anne Proctor
Today I'm so excited to have Anne Proctor be featured in our on-going series "Better Know a Proper Mountain Woman". Everyone who knows Anne, knows what an absolute delight she is. She is the type of person that never has anything bad to say about anyone, who is thrilled to hear about all the details in your life, PLUS her comments and responses to everything, along with anecdotes from her own life, leave me in stitches and smiling so hard. She is hilarious, kind, and also one of the hippest girls I know... staying up to date on music, fashion, and funny youtube videos... (she's the same Anne who wanted to take bridals in my Orchard Shack a few years back). Anne and her husband currenlty reside in Highland, Utah with their two adorable kids (Norah and Golden)... I hope you enjoy her answers to these questions as much as I do:
1. Where is your favorite outdoor refuge where you live right now?
I am stupid-lucky to live in Highland, Utah at the moment. The place I go to get out and breath some fresh air, is gorgeous, but I mostly go there for convenience. Highland Glen Park is a little gem that is within walking distance, has a duck pond, and mountain views. I take my kids with me, and feel super rude when I ask my 2 year old if she wants to go see the ducks, then avoid the pond so she won't want to stop. I have serious issues with wanting to keep my heart rate up, so sue me. We do stop and play around, don't worry. When the trail to Timp cave is open, that's a great place for us, too.
2. What do you do to feel creative? What is your creative outlet?
Being a hairdresser is so rewarding in the way of having a creative outlet, I'm obsessed with it! I seriously came up with ombre before it was a thing. I know you think I'm lying, but I called it "fox tails". I just figured I'd throw it out there. Another extremely satisfying outlet has to do with dressing myself & now dressing my children. I think about how pointless, or trivial it might seem (I just read a study that says successful people wear the same thing everyday so they don't waste their energy on deciding what to wear!! I'm doomed.), but it is fun to play with color, etc. I love mixing vintage with new, cheap with expensive, brown with black, pink with red, turn clothes backwards, inside out, or just wear all white. And, I found a "BABE WITH THE POWER" tutu for my 2 year old, I had a clothing "high" for weeks.
3. What is your favorite mountain?
This is so hard!! Every mountain is my favorite mountain. With the exception of whatever mountain isout be Kennecot, Right?
I'll never forget how I felt when Nick showed me Tibble Fork for the first time, then took me up to Silver Lake Flats (where he later proposed). Not growing up here, I could've passed out the first time I saw that view! We lived in Draper after we were married, and my heart grew ten sizes going up to Snowbird & hiking around Little Cottonwood Canyon! The wildflowers, are you kidding me?? Also, the mountains on the boarder of Tennessee and Virginia have completely won me over, and I appreciate how gorgeous the Appalachian Trail is.
4. What would you say is a mountain that you conquered in life?
I think serving an LDS mission, in Canada, with -50 degree weather, was major for me. It was so hard, but the perspective I had while I was out on that adventure, made the world seem so small. There's something about conquering a mountain for a purpose greater than yourself, for others to know God is aware of them. I love when you are literally hiking a mountain, you are so far away from your day to day life, you have to take time off & let this mountain kick your trash, and get a really great view at the top. Then on the way down, slide on tiny rocks & get totally freaked out that you are going to fall on your butt. Which annoys me to no end. I think that's what my mission did for me soul, it kicked my trash, and gave me a little grit.
5. Is proper etiquette important to you? How do you plan on teaching your children? Who taught you?
Good ole Grandma Bench threatened to stop sending me gifts if I didn't start sending "thank you" cards her way. She taught me how to set a table properly, and she always responded by saying, "pleasure to know you", when she'd meet new people. I plan on making it ireally fun for my children to learn etiquette, I want them to know what a beautiful world it creates. I love that my dad always made sure we used our eating utensils properly, I think that says something. I definitely plan to pass it on to my children, they will learn it whether lite it or not. Probably boarding school. Jk.
6. What do you do to feel motivated when you are feeling lazy, or you feel like you are in a rut?
Without fail, getting outside. When I'm in a rut, it's probably due to being indoors too long. Or, it means I need to go to a really good concert. Or, it means I need to curl my hair. I'm usually feeling lazy because I've been lazy. But, if I ask another person to get up and go with me, the momentum picks up.
7. What daily routine do you have to help you feel more feminine or a proper lady?
I love putting lotion on! Is that weird? I started the habit when I was pregnant with my first babe, and there's nothing more feminine than going through major amounts of lotion for the bumps, and more bumps, and feminine curves, during that time. It does make me feel beautiful and silky smooth. After the lotion, I make sure to put on some tight pants, and some amazing earrings.
8. What is your favorite fingernail polish brand and color?
I love Essie or OPI, a soft, super light baby pink is my jam, and always a good idea. I feel like a classy broad, and that I may or may not be getting my nails done for me wedding. But, in the summer you've got to go for neon coral, and dark plum brown in the fall. I don't make these rules, I just follow them.
9. What is your favorite song that you've been listening to?
Ooooooh, music. I love Papooz song titled Louise (my girl looks like David Bowie). It's very tender due to our recent loss..... Lord Huron, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, First Aid Kit, completely wet my whistle.
10. What new hobbies or skills are you currently pursuing? Do you ever feel nervous about trying something new?
This might be so wacky, but I'm making an effort to cook a little more. It hasn't been a priority for a long time, and I feel like it's an important aspect of family life. I enjoy good food, and would like to know my family is eating a well balanced meal. But, I hate grocery shopping, cutting things up, and dishes, and deciding what to eat, sooooooooo, um, we'll see how this goes.
I feel excited to try new things, but I'm so nervous to fail or be really terrible at something. That probably keeps me from enjoying much more in life. That, and money.
If you've made it to the end, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Anne (and Girls Pearls & Powder)
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  1. love u lots! Anne. tons of great memories

  2. She's so cool! Her fashion ideas are spot on! I also enjoy mixing colors and styles! Very entertaining read!

    1. I think you two would love getting fashion inspiration from each other. You both have kids the same age and gender too! (ps. letter coming to you soon)


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