Monday, May 31, 2010

The Legend Of Princess Timpanogos

For as long as I've known what a mountain is, I've lived by this mountain:
And for as long as I have lived by this mountain, I have known about the legend of the "sleeping indian maiden" that this mountain takes it shape in. For those of you who don't know the legend let me quickly debrief you:

Utana, an indian princess, was in love with Red Eagle. Their tribes did not approve of their love, so they had to keep their love a secret. One day when she was waiting for Red Eagle in their secret rendezvous spot on the mountain, Red Eagle was attacked by a bear and killed. Utana was so heart broken that she climbed to the summit of the mountain, laid down and died... forming what is said to be her shape and profile on the mountain range.
Others say she was so heart broken that she threw her body off the top of the mountain, and then the great spirit picked her up and laid her across the top, as a reminder for the two indian tribes to stop fighting. It is also said that the great spirit melded the hearts of Utana and Red Eagle together to produce the Great Heart of Timpanogos (which you can see inside timp cave).

It's a wonderful story.

do you see the indian princess?
because I don't.

I've never seen her.
Where is her chest?

If that's her belly, is it super lumpy?

If that's her head.. where is her neck?

Is her other indian name "long-freaky-legs"?

It doesn't look like a woman at all, unless it's the weirdest shaped woman ever.

the closest I can get it to look like a woman is this:
and that's only on paper.
In real life, my brain can't  imagine a woman at all,
no matter how hard I try,
and I have a pretty good imagination.
To me it's just a normal mountain range.

*post edit, I really am interested in how everyone else sees her. 
here is Chris Alman's princess (he's a professional artist, mind you), she lays the other way:


  1. I always thought the head was supposed to be on the other end. I had thought the part you made the face was the feet. I'm not necessarily saying this is correct, this is just how I have always understood it.

  2. Is it easier to see the woman that way? I was always told that it was her feet sticking up on the north end, and her long flowing hair on the south.

  3. This is how I have always seen it. I don't know if it is how the legend intended it to be, but it's what I've thought:

  4. It is really hard trying to draw with a touch pad mouse.

  5. how did i miss this coolest entry ever? what? i've never seen it, bu just had faith that others do.

  6. heres a link that will show you:
    look at the sign on this sight.
    and you were right. you can t see her because you are in opposite land:
    you got her head where her feet are and feet on head.... it like farting from you mouth and burping from your butt


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