Friday, January 29, 2016

Geometric Baby Quilt Pattern


I finished this quilt a year ago, and thought it would be a good challenge to make my own quilt pattern for it. I was curious if I could make one using the software I use to draft with at work.

I love the initial stages of figuring out a quilt and letting the fabric talk to you. When I started this particular quilt I had all the fabric bought and the general feel/mood of the quilt decided, I just had to figure out the perfect pattern. I sketched a lot of ideas with the fabric, sitting beautifully folded on the table, waiting for me. I would glance over at the smooth pretty stack for inspriation. Pinterest also helped with inspiration:
In the end, I decided to use a pattern I saw on an Urban Outfitters quilt, a quilt I fell in love with and ended up buying later, when it went on sale. When it came in the mail I was suprised to see that it wasn't a pieced-together quilt... it was just patterned fabric! For some reason that discovery made me proud that I actually pieced this baby quilt together. And I LOVE how it turned out, I think the colors next to the black and white are stunning.
I'm also proud of this pattern I drafted. I think it's easy to understand, will help you know the EXACT amount of fabric you need (which is the trickiest part for me), and the order to sew the squares together. One day I will probably use this pattern again on something... and I will be glad I have it saved.
Note: This pattern is for sewing the quilt top portion only. I have NOT included instructions for a border, backing, binding, or actual "quilting", but you can find those instructions anywhere online. 
(for my border and back I used patterened fabric squares which matched the solid colors I used, I had the quilt professionally quilted, and then I hand-bound the sides)

If you wanted to make a larger queen-sized quilt, you could make four of these "baby quilts" and then sew them together to create your own version of the Kaleidoscope Quilt. With different borders around the sections, the possibilities are endless!

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