Friday, October 9, 2015

Pretty Phone Cases by Andie

Phone cases are a easy way to add a little pop or a splash of flare to your look! A proper phone cover can say a lot about you... it can bring out your girly side with sweet florals, your outdoorsy side with mountainous landscapes, or the right hint of edge with golden studs. Anyway you want to put it, they're a fun way to be more daring and bold.

Some of the cases I found that will make the perfect statement in a professional setting are these marble and wooden ones; I love the look of the natural material. Add a little more personally with the cool carved skulls, or tribal prints. Subtle and super unique. 

I've become obsessed with these next cases. These clear cases with a bold print are perfect. When you want a colorful playful look, that's still classy and refined. I love how the transparent case lets you admire the color of the actual phone, especially if you have a gold iPhone... these prints laid over gold look fresh and fun.
(here's some links to some other clear cases - + + + / + + + / + + + / + + + )

Searching around on Etsy I found tons of fun stuff. I am leaning toward the vintage floral this season, with the cooler weather approaching...

For added protection, when you head into the mountains... for leaf peeping, or snowboarding... switch out your "cute" phone case for something that will give it more protection. This past summer in Alaska, I rocked a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 5s. It was such a good decision. Not only is it drop-proof, but also water-proof! With being out in the heavy rains of Ketchican, I didn't have to worry about my phone at all. Lifeproof will set your mind at ease for when your phone falls out of your pocket, and into that fresh powder this winter.

In Alaska my Lifeproof case got a little too much wear and tear, and Lifeproof replaced it in a heart beat. So definitely worth the money.    
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