Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My 3 Favorite Salads To Go

This summer has been a killer for me, the heat has been sapping my strength since the end of June! For a while there I didn't know why I was soooo lazy and didn't want to do anything... was it really just the heat? are all summers like this? oh my gosh, is global warming real?!? Then, at a trip to the doctors to do some blood work I found out I'm having a baby!!! So, while it still feels like this has been the hottest summer of my life... I feel way better about being so exhuasted, and so lazy, and coming home from work to watch tv (the olympics, bachelorette/bachelor in paradise, and stranger things) in our air-conditioned basement.

Anyways, all I have been wanting to consume are cold slushy drinks and maybe a big delicious salad to eat at home. My problem is that I can't ever seem to make my own salad that I enjoy as much as the salads I can get out...  perhaps one day, when the sun and pregnancy aren't making me so lazy, I'll master the art of salad making in my own kitchen, but until then...

Shout-out to my three favorite salads to-go that don't ever fail me! 

#1 - Chick Fil-A's Cob Salad with Avocoda Lime Ranch Dressing
What I love about this salad is the bite-sized romaine and baby greens - they are the perfect size for your fork and mouth. And I love the delicoius fried chicken with the crispy fried red bell peppers, grilled sweet corn, cheese, bacon bits, diced eggs, little grape tomatos, shredded red cabbage and carrots, and that avocado lime ranch dressing. I learned from my sister to add the dressing and crispy peppers, put the top back on and shake it, everything mixes and tastes fantastic together.

#2 - Pizzeria Limone's Italiana Salad
Hearty, nutty, and fresh! It's got fresh greens, aged mozzarella, hot fennel sausage (crumbled), pickled beets, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and fresno peppers... served with yummy blue cheese vinaigerette and a healthy side of Crosta (their bread). I can't get enough of this salad, I wish I had invented it... because it has a lot of my favorite flavors in it, I just never thought to combine them! If you love deep, hearty, full flavors... you will totally dig this.

#3 - Red Rock's Warm Shrimp Salad
Oh my gosh, this is hands down my most favorite salad I've ever gotten at a restaurant! Red Rock is already our trusty go to restaurant when eating out, everything on their menu is delicious, but after our visit when I ordered the warm shrimp salad, I haven't ever ordered anything different. My husband will sometimes, if I'm lucky, stop for take out and get me one... I love eating it at home because I can pick up the container and lick it clean without anyone judging. It's got sauteed shrimp, watercress, plenty of spinach, diced and roasted sweet potatoes, sliced up gratefruit, toasted pistachios, gorgonzola cheese, and creamy lemon pepper dressing! You guys, it's amazing!

Can you tell I'm pregnant? This is the strangest post ever. But, maybe the summer heat has made you as lazy as me. If so, go buy yourself a salad and chill out in an air-conditioned kitchen... fall is coming, and it's all I can think about!

Peace, pine trees, and prayers for rain,

PS. Here's all the salads I have pinned for inspiration... one day I'll be a proper woman who makes them.

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