Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Tidbits

We started off our summer with a weekend trip to Portland, OR... and it was absolutely magical! With left Dozer with a dog sitter we found on Dog Vacay (it's like Airbnb, but for dogs) and flew out to spend the weekend with Lily and Tom. We stopped and smelt the roses at the Rose Garden, rode the aerial tram, ate at Pok Pok, ate at Salt & Straw, wandered through the best farmers market, visited some alpacas, and had a really great and chill Memorial Day BBQ... with really great food and good company.  And can you believe this breakfast (pictured above)!? Lily bought me freshly picked asparagus (I'm trying to grow my own right now, that won't be able to harvest for two years) at the farmers market to eat for breakfast, and her table setting was so beautiful and picturesque - it cheers my soul every time I look at it!
Back at home I've made my 99 days of summer list, I posted it on IG - but want to type it up here too:
-read the constitution
-find the perfect backyard hammock
-swim @ crestwood park
-make some good popsicles
-organize family bowling night
-read/listen to all the Flavia de Luce mysteries (I love this girl so much, soooo delightful!)
-write Dolly Parton a letter (she's coming to Utah this summer!)
-explore Ferguson Canyon w/ Dozer
-plant some flowers in the median of the fort union business park and 7200 south
-go skinny dipping
-cozy up the camping trailer
-make a chalk drawing for Buttlervile Days (over Pioneer Weekend)
-throw casual potluck in backyard (sans cell phones)
I haven't done any of this list yet... but there's still time.
Other 2016 Summer Tidbits:
Watching the show Alone on the History channel... I'm so impressed by the girl who is finding all the medicinal herbs and green things to eat! I want to know what she knows about survival and Mother Eath. (best show on tv)
We found out that dragonflies are attracted to magpie blood.
Watching the family of baby quail that show up in our backyard a couple times a day, I love them... it makes me sad seeing them grow out of their cottonball stage!
Absolutely loving on summer rainy days, I don't think you can fully enjoy summer without the rainy days too... plus I love taking a break from watering everything in the evenings.
Dozer is completely terrified of fireworks, but did so good sitting outside with us on the 4th of July - our neighborhood was a warzone!
We drove out to the Little Grand Canyon, down in Emery County over the weekend, and it blew me away!
Dining up Millcreek Canyon at Log Haven for our anniversary, out on their deck.
Dining with my family up Provo Canyon at the Sundance Owl Bar, out on their deck.
Our Saturday out shooting with the family, up Spanish Fork Canyon, truly was an extravaganza this year! My mom even enjoyed shooting!
Hanging out at the Strawberry Days Rodeo with family and friends.
And! I've already had three snow cones!

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