Monday, June 13, 2016

Community Garden at Work!

In the early morning my dreams are so wild and crazy, and it makes getting up out of bed so difficult because all I want to do is keep dreaming. As a want-to-be proper mountain woman, being a morning person is the thing I struggle with the most. I wake up to my alarm going off, and immediately hit snooze to roll over, and hopefully doze back into the fantastic dream I was just having. And when the snooze alarm goes off, I'm waking up from another detailed dream that's blowing my mind! If I am lucky, I can have up to three crazy dreams in one morning.

The other day I had a dream that I was excited to go to work to check on my garden, because in my dream, everyone at work had their own garden plot on the roof of our office building! It was one of the perks this "dream" company offered its' employees. We all had a good sized raised bed assigned to us, and we could do whatever we wanted to it.

During the work day, employees would go up to the roof on small breaks to check on their gardens. On lunch breaks everyone would be up there, exchanging gardening tips and tricks, pulling weeds, admiring other gardens, socializing... or just hanging out under a umbrella, reading a book next to their own plot. If a storm decided to roll through in the afternoon, everyone would rush up and check on their tomatoes.

In my dream, one of my coworkers had chosen not to grow a vegetable garden like most people, and instead chose to cultivate a fairy garden village. It looked like a mini-shire! With small bonsai trees and shrubs, and little dirt paths that connected all the hobbit homes. It was very zen.

My own garden in the dream must have been inspired by the recent trip we took to Portland, because I grew nothing but zinnias, and I had put up a sign in my zinnia patch that read "u-pick zinnias, 10 cents a flower"... and all my engineer coworkers could pick a bouquet of flowers to take home to their wives.

It was a great dream. I can't stop thinking about it.

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