Friday, June 10, 2016

Proper Plant Profile: The Albion Strawberry

Last summer I noticed the house down the hill from us had little strawberry flowers growing along the sidewalk among their perennials, and it surprised me, these can't actually be strawberries can they? And sure enough, while on a walk with Dozer a little later on, all the strawberry blossoms had turned to berries! I had never thought about adding berries to my flower gardens before, but why not!

The Albion Strawberry

After doing some homework on strawberries, I chose an everbearing variety, which produces flowers and berries all summer long, from June to September (and sometimes October), since I am primarily growing them to be ornamental in my flower garden, that means they will continually look good throughout the summer months. And I chose Albion, simply because I read it's sugary and delicious, and does well here in Utah.

I bought mine on Amazon, just a bare-root bundle that sprung to life when I planted them in April. I've been pinching off the flowers so they can focus on getting established, and will let them grow into berries in August. Next year they should do really well.

Check out this site, all about Albions. It talks about how sweet and tasty this variety is when grown in Utah. So exciting! My proper mountain woman dream is to stroll into my front yard throughout the summer to see if there are any strawberries that are ripe... and if I find some, into my poppy-seed salad they go! Or they can top some angel food cake when company is over, or get blended up for popsicles, or added to an ice-cold lemonade. Why wouldn't you have this friendly plant growing in your garden?
(nets to protect from birds)

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