Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Proper Mountain Women Shout-Outs

Three PMW shout-outs to THREE beautiful girls... all of which are having wonderful proper mountain women summers. They inspire me to get outside and create something!

1. My baby sister, Andie Orton, she went to Alaska for the summer to drive tour buses, and she is LOVING it up there. I'm so proud of her and all the adventures she is having. She is still going to write a little bit for Girls Pearls and Powder, but this girl wasn't born to blog... she was born to Tumblr.... check out her tumblr account 'Andie and the Bus' to follow along with her dreamy mountain girl summer. She posts the best pictures and the funnest music. I'm so jealous of everything she is doing up there.

2. Andie Johnson sent me this picture a couple weeks ago with this Proper Mountain Girl title on it... I was thrilled.
She's the best. She has a pretty popular instagram feed @AmericanAndie, where she posts a lot of her fly fishing pictures and outdoorsy adventures. She's the sweetest, most patriotic, hardest working proper mountain woman I know. If you need property sold or bought here in Utah... she's your girl.

3. Last but not least, my lovely proper friend... Catherine Sowter. She may not live by any mountains in Great Britain... but she is a proper mountain woman nonetheless. I love following her on instagram, but her writing on her blog is my favorite. Her life makes me happy. It's so proper and pretty.

And there you have it, a sneak peak into some other proper mountain women summers.

If you have an adventure you want to share, or a new hobby you have tried out this summer and want to tell us about it, please email me at girlspearlsandpowder@gmail.com. I love seeing what other mountain women are up to.

Peace and pine trees,

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  1. I love this post with all my heart.

  2. My new goal in life is to take picture worthy of a proper mountain woman.


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