Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Proper Modern Mountain Woman: McKay Orton

Better Know a Proper Mountain Woman: McKay Orton
McKay works in a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. I love how she lives her life. When she isn't working long shifts on her feet at work, she is playing, creating, seeing, and doing. She is curious about everything and can figure any puzzle out. If you get a chance to hang out with her it will be a good time, she is the queen at making any moment a good one. And because she is my sister, I was lucky enough to ask her these ten questions face to face in her adorable avenue apartment:

1. Where is your favorite outdoor refuge where you live right now?

Well, I want to be cool and say my favorite outdoor place is somewhere among nature, but I really love downtown. In the city you are surrounded by people you don't know and at the same time you feel secluded in a way. I walk to work and I feel like it's empowering seeing all the business people and tall buildings. People who are working, going to important jobs, and they built these tall buildings... it makes me think that I can do anything. The hustle and bustle of the city, street performers, people creating things and doing things... it's inspiring.

2. What do you do to feel creative? What is your creative outlet?

To feel creative I make a trip to DI (Deseret Industries). My creative outlet is to just create things, whether it be with my hands, sewing something, painting something, or creating a website or cool blog post.

3. What is your favorite mountain? 

I like the one that frames the mouth of AF Canyon. I think it looks like the guy from Star Wars... the one with the big hood, the imperial guy... it looks like he is laying dead on the mountain. And that mountain also means I am home.

4. What would you say is a mountain that you have conquered in life?

I thought traveling to Thailand, and traveling to Laos on my own was a big accomplishment for me. I remember writing a blog post after about what I felt, sitting in the airport at the end, ready to fly home, and I had this feeling of "I did it" and it wasn't until that moment that I felt that I could do it. There was scary points along the way, trying to catch buses, not knowing where our next night was going to be... traveling alone is pretty intense in a foreign country. And if I thought about it as a whole it would be overwhelming, but it was just step by step, we took things as they came. And then I was sitting at the airport and I thought "that just happened, I did that."

5. Is etiquette important to you? 

Yeah, especially because I work in a restaurant. I think about it all the time. I think it shows a lot about someone's character, I think it shows a lot about love towards people. I think if you are showing etiquette in a restaurant, you are showing respect to the server, you are showing respect to your date. It is a selfless thing to do. I see so many people who aren't respectful, who aren't kind... and I always think "what happened to you? why didn't your mother teach you?" or I think "I am going to write a note to your mother, she would be sad to see the way you turned out."

6. What do you do to feel motivated when you are feeling lazy, or you feel like you are in a rut?

I will call a good friend, or find someone who is motivated, see what they are up to. Sometimes it is okay to be in a rut and admit that you are lazy. I sleep in till noon all the time, but I am a really hard worker. It's okay to have a lazy day where you don't accomplish much. Because sometimes creativity needs a break.

7. What daily routine do you have to help you feel more feminine or more like a proper lady?

I don't really have daily routines, but every time I get out of the shower I don't get dressed right away. I really enjoy the skin I am in, my curves and my soft skin make me feel very feminine, and sometimes clothes take away from that. I also love having my hair down, it makes me feel like a lady.

8. What is your favorite fingernail polish brand and color?

My favorite is from OPI, I don't know the name but it's this really pretty green and blue.

9. What is your favorite song that you've been listening to?

This changes daily for me. Whenever I find a song it's constantly on repeat. I have been going through a Lana Del Ray phase the past couple of month, but it just switched over to "take me to church" by Hozier.

10. What new hobbies or skills are you currently pursuing? 

I dabbled for one day last summer with fly fishing... and I really want to get into that this summer.

Do you ever feel nervous about trying something new?

Yeah, but that's half the fun in trying something new!



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