Friday, October 28, 2016

Goodbye October!

This weekend I'll be pulling up all my tomato plants and raking up leaves, I think we are also going to try and watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the original Halloween (my husband can't handle that I have never seen them). And I have plans to make a big pot of my family's favorite chili for a work chili cook-off on Monday, the trophies look amazing and I want to win! What are your weekend plans for the last of October?

Here's a list of some favorite things I've come across around the internet...

1. Wanting a good place to hang this in our kitchen.

 2. Day-dreaming of trip to Joshua Tree and a stay at this airbnb. (that tub!!!)

 3. Really enjoyed this podcast episode about Smitten Kitchen.

 4. Speaking of Smitten Kitchen, planning to make these soon!

 5. Women who wear suits.

 6. My new favorite instagram account.

 7. Proper mountain women would decorate with tree branches.

 8. Pumpkin facial DIY!

 9. I pinned this tablecloth to make next Halloween. (I love it)

10. Becoming a better morning person.

11. A Fall 2016 reading list. (haven't read a single one of those books!)

12. Thinking about trying my hand at this.

13. Crushing on the color of this bedroom.

14. Pinon pine pitch... who knew?

15. What's your favorite magazine these days?

16. Curious about the app mentioned in this post, gonna have to try it out.

17. This house!

18. Coveting these pretty quilts.

19. My husband's new website!

20. Thanksgiving table plans inspired by this image.

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