Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5. She Wears Flannel

An old soft flannel shirt is the hallmark of a good proper mountain woman. A flannel she's had forever, that has grown softer and softer over the years, and will never be thrown out because it fits her like a hug from an old friend. A proper mountain woman WEARS FLANNEL.

A high-quality flannel shirt isn't cheap, but it can last you a lifetime. These days a flannel shirt might get mistaken for any shirt with a plaid (or tartan) pattern... but a proper mountain woman knows the difference. A real flannel shirt is made from a soft woven fabric (usually cotton or wool), and brushed with a fine metal brush that raises the fine fibers of the fabric, giving you that soft cozy feel. Some flannel shirts are double napped, which means that both sides have been brushed so the inside and the outside of the shirt are velvety soft, thick and warm. The joy a traditional high-quality flannel will last forever, and it also can serve as a practical (and perfect) go-to outfit for a whole slew of proper mountain woman occasions.

Appropriate times to wear your flannel:
riding horses
baking in the kitchen
cuddling up to watch your favorite western film (or favorite wes anderson film)
apple picking
whenever you are feeling lazy
whenever you are feeling chilly
christmas parties and holiday get-togethers
up at the cabin
long drives to your favorite diner
on first dates
hiking in the fall
to the farmers market in the early morning
family pictures
walking your dog
going to the grocery store
vacations and holidays
museum trips
thrift shopping
anytime you visit the pacific northwest
deep sea fishing
casual Friday at the office
running errands
the gun range
shed hunting
puttering around the house
weekends, in general

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