Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Mountains Are Calling

Found this lovely sign on Etsy.

Lately I have met several different people who are new to Utah, and when I asked what brought them here (one was from California, another was from Michigan) the answer was because they wanted to be closer to the mountains. They left family and friends behind, packed up, moved their life, got a new job... for the soul reason being that the mountains were calling to them. That must be a powerful feeling. It makes you wonder what it would feel like to think you were born in the wrong place, and to have your soul yearn for something else. 

This world is made up of so many different types of people, all are inspired by such different things. Some people are born at the base of mountain, but feel the ocean calling to them. Some live near an ocean, but feel more alive in a wide open barren desert.

I sometimes wonder if I love the mountains just because I grew up on a street watching the sun come up through the canyon every day... or if I am one of those people who would have felt compelled to move closer to some mountains because it's just part of my soul.

I'm fairly certain that even had I been born in a cute little beach town, hanging out at the beach every day... my mountain woman spirit would be stirring...  I'd be longing for a quiet solo trek along a mountain path, eager to be riding a ski lift, or yearning to be in a cabin surrounded by pines and quakies.

I wish this John Muir sign were a rug, I'd use it for a back door... pointed to the slopes.

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  1. A rug, now that's a great idea! The mountains call me too, waiting patiently for the day I can go.


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