Monday, May 31, 2010

Lindon Boat Harbor

oh lindon boat harbor and vineyard lane, you never fail to make me a little creeped out.

I completed my 100 miles to nowhere race on saturday. And it was weird. Weird to bike so much. Weird how my body just did it. I wanted to give up so many times and just go home, because I felt like it was the stupidest thing ever, and it didn't feel worth all the pain my body was going through.

7 hours on a bike.

The last 70 miles were awful. The last 10 were hell. The last mile was pathetic.

But I couldn't have picked a better day to do it. And I am glad I decided to do my "100 miles to nowhere" in such a pretty spot. It's funny how being down by utah lake makes you feel like you are in a different state all together. The day was nice, cool, a little breezy, and lots of sunshine. As I looped and looped the day away I caught sight of a million different kinds of birds, ate a handful of bugs, stared down the gay men creeping out the south end of the trail, and watched boaters, sailors, and picnickers come and go.

Lindon boat harbor is a wonder. I like the trail they put up there, but I wish it was longer. And I wish that you could still drive trucks down to the beach.

I love all the old geneva steel remnants. The weird cooling ponds, pipes, and train tracks are fascinating to me. Them, and the 3-eyed carp that float up to wave at me as I bike by, are all little reminders of how wonderful geneva steel used to be.

I'm glad that bike race is over. I probably won't ever do that again, at least not until I actually own a road bike. I love my fixie, and biking to work and back on it is perfect.

Once the 100th mile was over I drove over to purple turtle to get a burger. The thought of their burgers was the only thing that kept me going:


  1. Congratulations on completing the 100 miles to nowhere! That is quite a feet! I don't know if I could have done it, but think it is great that you did! Way to go!
    What did the gay men do to creep out the south end of the trail? If they did something that wouldn't have been creepy had they been heterosexual, it makes me sad that their being homosexual makes it creepy.

  2. Thanks, Chris.

    Vineyard lane is where old gay men in minivans go to find an afternoon hook up. I see them there every time I drive down that road.

  3. you're an amazing inspiration. I MISS YOU and will write you a real letter this week!! typing just isn't nearly as personal. i wish i could bike to you!

  4. Biking 100 miles, cleaning the temple for 4 hours, creating and constructing the most beautiful,positive quilt, all while being the RSP and the Horrocks geterdone girl....Whitney you are so wonderful!

  5. seriously, you are amazing.


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