Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sharing Time Pt. 2

August is here... and I can't believe it!

The summer has flown by and I haven't even done half the things on my summer to-do list. Pretty soon stores will be putting out their fall fashion, there will be fall hikes to go on, and snowboarding to look forward to... Fall is right around the corner, my favorite season of all! But for today, while we still have a few more weeks of summer, here are some Proper Mountain Women finds I thought I would share:

This vintage picnic basket at World Market!
Now that Saint Dozer is around we find ourselves hanging out at the park quite a bit, so I've been keeping my picnic blanket close on hand so we have a spot to sit and chill while the puppy explores. Having a picnic basket with healthy snacks with us has been our goal recently, so we don't get hungry and make fast food stops at night. What I like about this picnic basket is that it's adorable, it's not super expensive, it's easy to clean out, and because of the tin lid it's easier to keep the puppy out of it.

I am a big fan of Shabby Apple. Their dresses always fit me right, and hit right where I want a dress to hit on my legs. I hate when I find a cute dress, and it hits at the awkward length of being almost too short... it's the worst, you never feel comfortable when you wear it. Shabby Apple makes proper dresses, for proper mountain women who want a proper modest dress.
I have been digging the color Indigo all summer... so when I saw this dress I was all over it. It's the prefect August dress, and I think it will be a pretty Autumn dress as well. I'm a little upset that it sold out so quickly... I'm hoping they list more sizes soon.

Urban Outfitters just marked these sunglasses down... I think they are wonderful, and for ten bucks... worth it!

The dream catcher reminds me of summer, and my goal was to make one this season. My good friend shared this picture with me of a mini dream catcher that she hangs above her bed... and I died, how cute is this? Can you even see it? As a lover of mini things, it's perfect... I hope to make one soon.
(Plus, I recently learned the proper way to "activate" a dream catcher
so that gives me even more motivation to try it out.)

Well, hope you enjoyed... Happy August!

Peace and pine trees,

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