Monday, November 20, 2017

7. She Has Pretty Penmanship

In a digital age where everything is backed up, bookmarked, and stored on phones, tablets and computers, a proper mountain woman yearns for any occasion to put pen to paper. She hoards pretty notebooks, paper of the right weight and texture, and writing utensils with the perfect grip and balance. And to sit down and work on her penmanship these days is a small thrill!
Good penmanship is a result of hours and hours of practice and a sign of great refinement and stature. Beautiful handwriting can change opinions. A seemingly shy, simple, or back-woods individual writes something down in confident, legible cursive and suddenly they become more dimensional. Any person with pretty penmanship appears intelligent, confident, and attractive.
Your handwriting says so much about you, ask a graphologist! Each flourish, curve, jot, and scribble tells a story, and a proper mountain woman takes great care in the story she tells.

A proper mountain woman keeps her handwriting in three important places (for posterity): her recipe book, her address book, and her journal.

SHE HAS PRETTY PENMANSHIP is part of an ongoing series of defining a proper mountain woman.

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