Friday, September 30, 2016

To-Do List For This Saturday

After work yesterday I walked to Trader Joe's to see and delight in all the pumpkin products and buy myself some Pumpkin Body Butter. Mike then picked me up and had a surprise for me, a box of Godiva chocolates! All fall/pumpkin flavors, along with a giant bag of plums from a coworker! When we got home I set my bounty down on the table and noticed the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle and had to snap the picture you see above. That's a lot of fall goodness right there!

Tonight Andie is sleeping over and spending Saturday with me (the first day of OCTOBER!!!!)... I've got a huge to-do list for us to work on while she's here. The weatherman says that today is the last hot day of the year.. tomorrow it cools off and stays cool, excellent.

Saturday to-do list:
listen to general conference
make/bottle plum-lavender jam preserves
clean the basement and put the tv room back together (everything is covered in sawdust down there)
assemble/hang a print (from this series) in my cool new second-hand wood frame
organzie/change-up dining area where new table is and said print will hang
open the windows and let the fall air in everywhere
pull out the Halloween decorations
clean and organize under the stairs
find my giant muffin tins and bake some bran muffins
mow the lawn
gather supplies and start building a small chicken coop (my boss is giving me four hens)

It's a lot to do, but Andie's here now... she brought her working clothes, we will get started on some of this tonight... after we finish our evening tea.

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