Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sharing Time: Favorite FREE Apps

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Tried and true. These free apps have made permanent homes on my smart phone... thought I would pass them along to you, because who doesn't love a good app recommendation?

Stitcher - An app for listening to podcasts and radio shows. I love it. I like that you can make multiple lists of all the shows and podcasts you listen to... a list for all the funny ones, a list for all the political ones... and depending on your mood you can pick one of those lists and stitcher will play all the newest episodes in order for you. It's easy to edit the lists, easy to listen to older episodes that you missed, and easy to find new podcasts that match your interests. 

Feedly - This is an RSS reader... and it's the best one out there! Make an account on your home computer, add all the blogs you wish to follow, then download the app to your phone... now, when you are on the go you can can check this app and see all the updated posts for your favorite blogs. This app is handy and user-friendly... it's perfect for me who hates missing a blog post and loves shuffling through them all when I have a spare moment. I would get started downloading this app right away, then add this blog to it! One of my favorite features in the app is saving an article to look at again later, all you do to save it is hold your finger down on the post, and a little box pops up telling you it is saved. So slick!

MyFitnessPal - I have tried a few different calorie counting apps... this one has the largest food database out of all of them. You can use your camera to scan the bar code of the food you ate, and it adds all the nutritional information. It keeps track of your exercise, and tells you how many days you have logged in a row... which helps me stay motivated, I don't want to miss a day!

Studio Design - The most helpful design app out there! You can add things and edit things in layers, move the layers up and down on the image, just like Photoshop or Illustrator, but I feel like it is easier and quicker to use than those programs. If you have a small logo or graphic you need to design... I can't recommend this app enough.

Duolingo - This app! This app is just like the Rosetta Stone software BUT IT IS FREE FOR YOUR PHONE!!! I can't get over it. If you want to learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, or Italian... download this right away. 

2048 - a game for when you just need a mindless task to unwind. I love this single player challenge.

Warlight - do you and your friends enjoy the board game Risk? Try this online version... it's great for multiple players. You do have to wait for the other person to make their move, so games can last for days on end. It's definitely not quick, but it's fun. You can set up team scenarios, go against each other, go against the computer... or play on your own.

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